“Shrine to the Virgin – Pinto Lake Park”

24″ x 24″   Acrylics   2014

 Quite near to where I live, an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was discovered in the bark of a tree. People have created a shrine at the foot of this tree.  There is an altar for prayer and people come, bringing flowers and candles, as well as photos of loved ones, and icons of the Virgin, etc.

2014-06-16 00.28.08

“Orcas on the Allegheny” 18″ x 24″ Acrylics 2014


2014-04-15 02.36.01

This is a dream I had about orcas frolicking in the Allegheny River near the Hulton Bridge in Oakmont.  Several years ago, my son, my daughter, my nephew and I scattered the ashes of my mother and my niece from the bridge. I think the dream is a joyful message about their souls frolicking after death.

“San Juan Bautista’s MoJo” 16″ x 40″ acrylics 2014

San Juan Bautista's Mojo

From the first time I went to San Juan Bautista, I have always felt an energy there coming up through the ground and into my heart.  It is healing and I feel the presence of Mary and Brigid when I am there.  Thousands of Ohlone Indians are buried there and the San Andreas Fault runs through it.  The magic is intense for me.  In San Juan Bautista, I asked for a sign, shortly after moving back to CA , that I had done the right thing.  I said, “It could be a lizard, a crow, a snake, an owl.”  Shortly after asking, 10 crows flew over my head, cawing.  It made me smile.

“Pow Wow”

30″ x 40″  Acrylics 2013
This is a painting of a Pow Wow that I attended several times in Nanticoke, DL. The costumes were amazing! Mother Earth smiles down at her chosen people.

"Pow Wow"

“Pow Wow”

“That’s the Spirit”

36″ x 36″ Acrylics - [2013]

This is a painting of a dream I had of the spiritual beings who affect my life, riding with me on the carousel of life. I added the St. Bernard at the request of my precious granddaughter, Ella.  And my three cats, Harry, Angel Pie and Leo look on….as well as beloved toads.


“That’s the Spirit”

“Day of the Dead”

18″ x 24″ – Acrylics [2012]

Shortly after my niece died, a black butterfly showed up in my yard.  It followed me as I moved from garden bed to garden bed and was with me for several days.  I asked, “Is that you, Mira?” as I had had other experiences in nature that I felt were connected to her spirit.  I chose the Mexican tradition of celebrating Dia de los Muertas to honor, remember, and welcome her spirit.  On their altars, they include four elements:  Earth (represented by crops,) Wind (represented by a moving object – note the feather dropping from the crow,) Water (I am offering her spirit water in a glass,) and Fire (candles lit in her honor.)  Brigid’s cross is on the altar….  A crow actually did drop a feather next to me during this week of the butterfly interactions.

Day of the Dead

“Octopus Woman”

“16 x 20″ – Mixed Media  [2012]

This is a painting of a dream about a woman, wearing octopi on her outfit, being delighted at finding matching boots!


Octopus Woman