“South” 18″ x 24″ Acrylics



We traveled to the South and fell in love with Beaufort, SC.  We loved the trees, the houses, the wildlife, the food and the art! Especially the art of Margaret Warfield who is the artist in the foreground. (My version having not seen her.)


“Angel Pie” 16″ x 20″ Mixed Media

My cat, Angel Pie, often stands on her hind legs.  She looks like she should be wearing a tutu.

“More Please!” 16″ x 20″ Mixed Media 2018

I dreamed I had grown two extra arms and I was turning into the Hindu god, Shiva. Shiva is the Destroyer and the Creator. A python was with me, cheek-to-cheek. In one hand I have the flame of Brigid and in the other hand, a paintbrush.  All of our pets are watching me: Suzie, Sammy, Chyna, Remy, Harry, Angel-Pie and Leo as well as a Brahma bull……

“Henri the Frog” 24″ x 24″ Acrylics 2018

We have a room dubbed The Frog Room because there are different kinds of frogs decorating this room. My granddaughter said, “Grammy, you need to paint a frog for this room!” and Henri was born.


“I Love You, Gaudi!”

24″ x 24″ Acrylics 2018


We traveled to Barcelona last fall and I fell in love with all of Gaudi’s creations.  Just knocked me out!  This is my attempt to honor his work.

“Beware of Honoring Women Artists”

18″ x 24″    Acrylics    2015



This painting is inspired by a poem by Ursula LeGuin titled “Read at the Award Dinner, May 1996”  “Above all beware of honoring women artists.  For the housewife will fill the house with lions, and in with the grandmother come bears, wild horses, great horned owls, coyotes.”

“Dennise’s Celestial Library”

16″ X 24″   Acrylics     2015


This is a painting of the library a friend believed was awaiting her upon her death.  She described books that contained the “answers to every question” and shelves containing the pottery discovered by Marija Gimbutas.  She also expected yellow, white, red and pink roses and tea with hot scones, jam, and Devonshire cream as well as cucumber sandwiches.  She was a wonderful woman and I am honoring her by painting her in the Celestial Library.